Galaxie 500 and my alcoholic fugue

Just had half a bottle of red wine and I feel a bit blurry at the edge. Yes, I know it is pathetic. And what better music to augment the haziness but Galaxie 500. Hailing from Boston and enamoured of the Velvet Underground they trade in a kind forced decontructionist sonic spectrum. Infantile but sexy at the same time.   


Dental abuse

Just got back from the dental office with the agonising memory of 4 fillings in a single sitting still stomping on my nerve endings. The absolute worse part is the drilling. The boring twinges of pain that spreads within the gums and then travels up the few inches of spinal cord before reaching the brain where it explodes into this great ball of terror and extreme discomfort. The whole proceeding is soundtracked by the high tone whirring of the drill. Like how a movie soundtrack heightens the mood of the moving images on screen, the drill elevates the emotion to sky scraping heights. The irony is you feel as if you are going to die and go straight to hell.   

Apology to blog

Hello blog. How are you? I know its been too long. I totally understand if you do not want to see let alone speak to me now. Just that….no excuses. I won’t even try. Every excuse is just a lame ass waste of time. There is no excuse, there is no weaselling my way out of this. Please accept my apologies. For old time sake’s?