dreaming of little fairies

i had the strangest dream ever. i mean this must rank pretty high up in the oddball department. the pixies were playing a live concert in my frontyard. my porch had been removed to make way for the stage and there were tons of amps and speakers on it. a short while later the band hit the boards and started into a song. i do not know what the song was. after that one song they went off stage. apparently the band was pissed off by a portion of the crowd who had this funny ritual of waving towels in the air. frank black found it irritating! the crowd was kind of milling around after that hoping that the band would reconsider. the drummer finally came back and tried to do a solo but it was not the same without the rest of the band.
what the hell could all these mean? sure i am a big fan and i did undergo a rediscovery of the band’s backcatalog but that was months ago. stranger and stranger……….


sweet morning

woke up this morning and fired up the old pc to check my email. all of a sudden something unexpected floated in from my open window. someone was whistling a sweet traditional song down from the road below. there was hardly any traffic at this hour and the melody twirled playfully unopposed. at first i tried to see who it was but after a while decided that the best thing was just to stay still and enjoy it. what a perfect way to begin my sunday morning!