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Of the arts and the new Islamic paradigm

I can remember a time in my distant past when the Muslim head scarf or locally known as the ‘tudung’ was an exception rather than the rule. Go to any mall in the modern, bustling city of Kuala Lumpur nowadays and one would be surrounded by a river of Muslim women sporting the hear-dress in varying colours but always of the same shape and pattern. There is a new religious fervor in the air which was not there during my younger days. When did the revolution happen and was it televised?

Aside from religiously sanctioned attire, the zealots are also dipping their fingers into the arts as evidenced by this piece of news about local film director Yasmin Ahmad who found her latest film ‘Muallaf’ the target of the God squad. A choice cut from the article:

Yasmin’s plight underlines a deepening Islamic fervor sweeping the country.

Many Muslims are dismayed by a rising tide of conservatism that has changed the face of this modern but moderate Muslim society. Music, dance and now films have suffered because they are frowned on by the strict interpretations of Islamic laws.

Read the rest of the article here.

The Silver Surfer


You can probably guess which movie I went to last night by the picture above. This has got to be the coolest rendering of the Silver Surfer on the net. There’s just something cool about a guy all painted in silver cruising the universe on a surfboard.



For those who have just crawled out of their caves, flickr is an insanely popular repository of photos for any netizen worth his or her salt. On this site you first create an account for yourself and before you can say ‘CHEESE’ all those special moments that you captured on your digital camera can be uploaded to your account for the world to drool over.

A certain David Troy decided to combine Google Maps with flickr to come up with flickrvision. Here you can watch as new photos are uploaded from various parts of the world in real time. And I can tell you that its a nonstop phenomenon. The world never sleeps and the pics never stop coming. There is even a screensaver for this but only for Mac OSX though. For the observer, it has a hypnotic quality not unlike trainspotting. Try it out for yourself. Me, I am thoroughly addicted.

In case of stress….

Its been a real stressful week at work. The atmosphere was very similar to what I imagine the inside of a pressure cooker to be. More than a few times I caught myself vehemently throwing down stuff onto the table or any surfaces that was close by. One of my colleagues picked up on this and reminded me that the weekend was coming up and I should just cool my jets. Bless her. Seeing that I seem to have trouble coping with stress, I have decided to come up with another list of do’s and don’t’s pertaining to it.

In case of stress :

1. Think about big, expansive spaces ie the Mojave Desert

2. Let the image of your household pet scamper into your head

3. Eat chocolate. The more you eat, the faster the drop in stress level.

4. Think back to your college days and how setting fire to your fart seemed like a great idea at the time.

5. Listen to your favorite piece of music. Avoid Heavy Metal though.

6. Walk away from the source of irritation and mumble under your breathe.

7. Watch this video over and over again.

8. Do not rough up the people around you. Bad work place ethics.

9. Do not flush your head in the office toilet. You’ll drip all over the wall-to-wall carpet.

10. Ask someone to remove all sharp and shiny objects away from your arm’s reach.

If only one death in the whole wide world was prevented by following this list, I would consider my work done.