where art thou failure?

how long can this last? call me a pessimist if you must, i don’t care. i have been riding a wave of good fortune for most part of the year now and i am scared. when will the hard surface of failure make contact with my face?
one after another, things just have been swinging in my favour and i am genuinely petrified. never in my life have things been so smooth and decidedly right. things even drop into my lap uncalled for. from a professional level, my career couldn’t be doing better. for the first time i am gaining the respect of my colleagues and my bosses think the world of me. sure, there are some sacrifices on my part but no skin off my nose when i come to think about it. whats a few sleepless nights compared to what i reap in the end. for god sake’s i even found out that i’ve won a slogan completing contest today!
a part pf me feels that i deserve it after all the years of struggle but another part just cannot come to terms with it. when will i fall? when will failure lunge out from the dark corner and consume me whole and then spit out the bones? where is the pain that lies waiting, all the time rubbing its grubby hands in glee?