I’ll Tumblr 4 ya!


Due to a steady degradation in my attention span (something to do with dying brain cells, no doubt) I have decided that I will be updating my tumblr  more so than this here wordpress blog. So if you are so inclined please give this a loving click.


How to clone a Snow Leopard Install DVD


For most people there is absolutely no need for a DIY install DVD for the “world’s most advanced system”. However paranoia does run roughshod over some people’s psyche (not forgetting people who obtained the OS through more clandestine methods) and hence this howto :

1. After upgrading /installing Snow Leopard (optional as you can also follow the same procedure within Leopard), fire up Disk Utility

2. With the original DVD still in the tray, select it from the list on the left

3. Go to File > New > Disk Image From “Mac OSX Install DVD”

4. Under “Image Format” select “DVD/CD master”. For encryption select “None”

5. Click on save and go for a jog

6. You should end up with a file ending with “.cdr” in which ever folder you saved it in. (by default “Documents”)

7. I then used Toast Titanium version 10 to burn it as a Disc Image.

8. The end product is a shiny cloned install disk. The most important thing is that it is bootable.

NB – I initially chose the option “read/write” under “Image Format” but ended up with a non-bootable DVD which is pretty much a coaster.