I stand naked in my wrinkled skin

The weight of failure a cross to bear

Nothing before me broken things behind

Dust and hair a dirty halo around me

The days like picks chipping at stone

Surely one day a heap of dust

Blown away by the wind

Until nothing stands


Why I don’t blog enough

1. I am a vacuous individual with nothing original to say

2. What I have to say is not going to change the world one bit

3. No one wants to read the random ramblings of a total stranger

4.  There is nothing interesting left in this world to write about

5. All that can be said has already been said

6. My life is not interesting to anyone except for my mum who does not possess the tech savvy to turn on a computer

7. My grammar is clumsy and stilted

8. My speling is not good

9. I am suck

10. I couldn’t be arsed