My contribution to Blog Action Day

photo_environment.jpgGlobal warming, acid rain, deforestation, pollution, extinction, melting ice caps, CO2 emission,oil slick, acid rain, nuclear fallout etc. Yes we are all going to hell in a basket. Its also conceited to think that we are doing nature a favor by our positive action. We should realize that we need more saving than the planet. Whatever happens, nature will find a way while we as a species disappear off the surface of the earth. Remember we are doing it to save our own skins!


Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbow’ – first impressions

I am right now listening to the new Radiohead album ‘In Rainbows’ which will be coming out in physical form sometime in December. Instead of the album being leaked out and downloaded from usenet and torrent sites, the band have officially sanctioned the electronic dissemination of their new songs by allowing fans to get it off their website for whatever they wish to pay. In actual fact you can get it at the very sensible price of 45 pence (that’s the service charge) if thats how you feel and if you are a cheapskate. Me, well I paid a whooping GBP 1.45 for 10 DRM-free mp3s and is as happy as a guilt-free clam.

Its premature for me to write an objective review of the album seeing that I am only half way through it. Initial impression : they are trying to reconcile their rock roots with their excursions into electronica wilderness. Thom Yorke actually sings on some of the tracks. Favourite track so far – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.

How much is Radiohead’s new album worth?

And you thought ‘Kid A’ was weird. After turning everyone’s expectations inside-out, Radiohead has slowly but surely pushed the boundaries of what a world famous band can and cannot do. Each time a new album is announced everyone held their breathe in unison, hoping for the guitar power chord to make an appearance only to be greeted by some squiggly synth passages and electronic blips.

Upping the ante, Thom Yorke and company have opted to let fans decide on the price of their new album due out on the 10th of October. Yes thats right. You decide what you pay. They have turned capitalism on its head and all Thom Yorke can think to do is ride his bicycle round and round. What a dude!


Update – for an insightful look at the demise of the album format look here. More details regarding ‘In Rainbows’.