Lenovo’s reply to the MacBook Air

Funny, funny stuff!


Ubuntu Hardy Heron – so far (A review)

I have been playing around with the new-fangled Ubuntu 8.04 for the past 2 hours and things have been smooth so far except for some minor issues with wifi. Same old, same old. Fortunately it was nothing that the regulars over at the Ubuntu forums have not seen and it took all of 5 minutes to resolve the issue.

In an attempt to win over Windows teetotalers, you can now try out or even install Ubuntu from within the Microsoft OS. No more messing around with partitioning and reformatting. The heron will live quite happily within a directory in Windows XP (don’t have Vista but I need that like I need a hole in my skull). During boot up the loader will default to Windows with the Ubuntu option just below it.

The new default background shows an abstract rendering of …… what else, a heron!

Talk about stating the obvious. Otherwise, things are still as brown as it has always been. The almost perfect Firefox 3 beta 5 is thoughtfully bundled into the OS and in my books thats a plus. Installing the proprietary ATI driver was a breeze and compared to previous versions, without incident.

On the downside the OS has locked up twice on me already; once when I was installing the Adobe flash plugin for Firefox and another time when I was adjusting the time zones for the system clock. Don’t know what happened but it happened.

All in all an A minus experience.

Download the heron here.

Hotmail account compromised

Ok this is upsetting. My Hotmail account seems to have been compromised. I have just received an email from my Hotmail account to my YahooMail. Looking at the “TO” part of the message, a copy of the mail has been sent to all the contacts in my Hotmail account. The subject is a simple ‘hi’ and there is a link to some dubious Chinese website selling electronic gadgets eg iPhone etc. I feel so violated.

One dissenting voice in defense of the new WordPress dashboard

The WordPress community seems that have come up in arms over the updated dashboard. I have to admit my first reaction was confusion but once I got the hang of it, it made perfect sense to me. It looks slick to boot.

Change is always painful and the fear of the unknown is for real. I for one hope that the powers that be stick to their guns and ride it out. It would be a shame to see the updated dashboard go.