Jason Molina – RIP

I wish I can recall the first time I heard Songs: Ohia. For the life of me I cannot. I need this memory like oxygen. My journey with Jason Molina needs a beginning. But does it?

On and off I have listened to his lonesome vocals for a good part of a decade. His songs that carry such emotional heft, beasts of burden with sagging, tortured backs.  The on periods were obsessive and intense. The off periods filled by other singer-songwriter types. Each time I returned it was sweet and comfortably familiar. Nothing beats an old faded T-shirt. Habits.

There is now an end to the journey. Molina is no longer creating. The world is poorer for it. I actually don’t need a start or an end. All I need is forever.


tears and the morgue

so the lightning is here again. travelling light. trembling wet bodies below a tree. a fist reaching down from heaven, bright and phosphorescent. punching your lights out. bruised pigeon chest and dead eyes. chemical reactions in the blood stream. blood boiling, brain scrambled. pure unadulterated violence of the non man-made type.

Teen dies after being struck by lightning