and around we go

what the hell! just read another blog and am convinced that one of my colleague is bad-mouthing another colleague. although operating under a pseudonym, the events he describes are way too close to home. certain things he talks about are some things he has told me in the past. not that the other person does not warrant some tongue-lashing but i can’t wrap around my head the fact that someone i know can hold such a grudge. this is character assasination at its most fundamental. if a sufficient number of people at work read this and tongues start wagging, it could get ugly. the written attack is not only personal but also calls into question the subject’s professional capability. in our line of work this could seal someone’s career shut.
right now i am fighting the urge to turn more people onto this blog but already 3 people have knowledge of it. in fact i would have been one of the blinkered masses if one of them had not pointed me to the blog. now we are 4 excluding the guy who actually wrote it. a part of me knows that to publicise it would hurt some people but on the other hand the things written are not untruths. what can i do but write about it on my own blog? a snake that swallows its own tail…..