How big exactly is the mind?

On the eve of my imminent relocation, I was forced to clear out the drawers and cupboards that I have filled up over the last 2 years. Little objects crop up in the midst of all the junk that can trigger big memories and feelings. A photo taken with a colleague at work, a plastic name tag from a long forgotten conference on some strange topic, a piece of metal from an old watch strap, warranty cards, handouts, flyers, hastily written pieces of post-it’s and the list goes on and on. Each item drags out on old emotion for dusting and perusal, only to be filed back within the nether regions of the mind. How big exactly is the space within? Will I evetually hit against a wall?


Firefox 3.1 beta 1 with all add-ons intact

If like me your are itching to try out the spanking new Firefox 3.1 beta 1 release with its purported Chrome-busting speed, go right ahead and download it. Worried about it breaking your precious add-ons? Lick the problem with Nightly Tester Tools. Meant for developers and coders, this nifty little extension will over ride any add-on incompatibilities with a single click of a button.