Standard Apple fanboy’s response to Windows dickhead’s question

As I was packing up my iBook after a presentation yesterday, a colleague sidled over and ask me the question. “Why a Mac?”

I smiled and geared up for the answer. “It’s just so easy!” I replied all smug and grinning from ear to ear. His reply threw me off and stopped the big lecture, that I was then formulating in my head, dead in its tracks.

“Thats what all Mac users say. Its so cliche,” he said with a smile.

That got me thinking. Is that all we have as argument against a Windows-centric universe? Below is a list of tired and overused explanations that any Apple fanboy can recite in his dreams. Well some Apple fanboys…

1. Its so easy

2. There are no/few viruses/spyware

3. Even my 80-year old grandma can use it


4. Its so predde even when it crashes

5. Steve Jobs is God. So he knows best (usually said while prostrating on the floor)

6. Bill Gates is evil. How can you pay the Devil? (usually said while making the sign of the cross)

7. Windows is soooo primitive

8. Have you seen the mess of cables and wires behind your windows PC lately?

9. The “Get-A-Mac” ads are true. Believe or die!

10. The Mac guy in the ads is way cooler looking