Why Paul Potts will always kick Il Divo’s ass


I am cynical to a fault. Don’t ask me when I became like this. Perhaps I am surrounded by too much duplicity to actually believe in something pure and good. And that saddens me no end.

For the past 24 hours I can’t seem to stop thinking about this Youtube video.

The man is all wrong. He is the anti-christ of the fashion world. All those magazines say to you is how shit you look. But suddenly the shit opens its mouth and out pours this voice that fills all the shallow puddles with pure honey.

Not that I am an aficionado of operatic music but I have a sneaky suspicion that he may not even be anywhere near the top of the pile but his glory does not lie there. And thats the power of Paul Potts. He does not have to be the top opera singer to gain fame. He just has to be Paul Potts.

Paul Potts is a carphone salesman. He is also the overweight man with bad teeth who shuffled into an audition wearing a shabby coat, all nervous and looking as if he wished the earth would just swallow him up. He is the everyday man who sang with the voice of an angel and brought an audience of 2000 to its feet. Like me they knew they were witnessing the very embodiment of our collective secret desire; to be possessed of a talent so out of proportion to our physical appearance that it must be a divine joke.


Yes, Il Divo are very talented and they look great too. But they will never ever hold a candle to the flame that is Paul Potts. Why? Because he is the rest of us.