Crumpler – someone who crumples

I am now the proud albeit guilty owner of an uber-hyped and over-priced carrier bag from Australian Crumpler brand. Few weeks ago the brand name registered on my cultural radar but never took a foot hold. Water off a duck’s back. A friend bought into the associated hip cache and started talking incessantly about her purchase and before I could say “herd mentality”, I was looking up the website and balking at the prices.

There was something unsightly but attractive about the lurid colours and ridiculous names. Took the plunge and plunked down hard cold cash at the checkout counter and walked away with a Considerable Embarrassment wrapped in a water repellent paper bag. Threw off the bag back home and slung the thing over my shoulder all the while checking myself out in the full length mirror. Narcissus would have turned in his grave if he ever existed.

A warm fuzzy feeling suffused my body. I was now one of the beautiful people. I was a professional with a six figure annual income but individualistic enough to be down with the cognisant. I was of the Man but not of the Man. Now if only I own an Apple laptop to slip into my bag……WAIT! What is this I hear? Oh just another piece of my soul sloughing off as the capitalistic cash register chinks merrily.