Actor commits ‘suicide’ onstage

A stage actor was the victim of a twisted murder attempt when his fake knife was switched for the real thing. The audience was most impressed with the ‘special effects’ during the final act where the character that the actor was playing, slits his own throat. People only realized that something was amiss when he did not get up at the end of the show. Talk about art imitating life. Read more about it here.


Heath Ledger found dead


Star of the genre-defying “Brokeback Mountain”, Heath Ledger was found dead in a New York apartment with prescription pills all around him. He was 28 and naked. More here.

Owen Wilson in suicide attempt


Whats wrong with fame and fortune? Most of us who do not have it crave it and yet those who swim in it has a high propensity to want to check out permanently. The latest case of celebrity burnout is none other than funny man Owen Wilson whose star can be seen as on the rise after a few box office hits. The actor was taken to a hospital to have a slit wrist stitched up after a botched attempt. It is so common now to have celebrities falling off the wagon that its almost boring.

The Silver Surfer


You can probably guess which movie I went to last night by the picture above. This has got to be the coolest rendering of the Silver Surfer on the net. There’s just something cool about a guy all painted in silver cruising the universe on a surfboard.

Holiday ………NOT

Holiday‘ has got to be one of the most predictable and hackneyed piece of fluff to come out of Hollywood. Yes, I know its a romantic comedy but does it have to be so formulaic? Is it too much to ask for some originality? Its like the writers just sat through an entire weekend watching all the chick flicks ever made and then just regurgitated the whole sorry mess onto paper, hoping that no one would notice.

The dialogue is lazy and the characters one-dimensional. Jude Law looks too good to be real and Jack Black is a fish out of water. He should stick to playing the psycho-clown with a heart of gold and leave the sappy stuff to others.

As a meditation on love, it is mediocre at best. As a piece of entertainment art it fails miserably. Stay away from this turd!

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a novel way to commit suicide

in ‘million dollar baby‘ hilary swank’s character bit her own tongue in a bid to commit suicide. my initial reaction was one of deep repulsion and horror. but when i analyzed the circumstances it made perfect sense. here she is hooked up to a life support machine and paralsyed from the neck down. she has come to realise that she has had her one big shot at life. with the help of her trainer she has risen above and beyond, via boxing, her dead end life and a family who thinks nothing of her. she has had that one precious chance to do what few others have done and what many will never get to do.

seeing that her request for her trainer (an aging clint eastwood) to help her pull the plug is tearing the latter apart, she decides to take matters into her own hands. losing the use of her limbs and neck muscles severely limits the options for self harm. the only thing she can do above her neck is chomp down on her tongue and hope that she bleeds to death.

as an experiment i just tried applying gentle pressure on my tongue using my two rows of teeth and i must report that it is quite easy to do. of course you will have to possess the guts to endure the ensuing excruciating pain but i guess there are worse things in life eg lying in bed absolutely paralyzed except for movements of the eyes.

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the story so far

everyone has a story. we are all walking novels. life is a series of events like a string of pearls. each pearl is a chapter and the string is the printed pages. some people may remember a movie way back in 1988 called ‘working girl‘ in which melanie griffith earned an oscar nomination for her role as a lowly office worker who has a bright marketing idea only to have it stolen by her boss. there is one scene in the beginning that is the spark for this entry.

the story starts in a pre-9/11 new york city and it is the a bustling business day. you get a bird’s eye-view of throngs of people hurrying to work in the proverbial concrete jungle. the camera floats above momentarily and then swoops down and picks up the main character. at any one time you can pick a face out of the crowd and open up a brand new book. i don’t know that’s what the makers of the flick wanted to convey but thats what i got and for some reason thats what stuck with me all these years. the rest of movie i can’t really remember.

however mundane you may think your life is, to someone looking in, it may be one great epic novel. this and the entries preceding it reflects my life. hopefully someday someone may feel that he/she has been entertained responsibly by my blog.

wong kar wai weekend fest

revisited 2 wong kar wai‘s movies this weekend. first up ‘days of being wild’ and later ‘2046’. for people who do not know, ‘in the mood for love’ completes the trilogy. the first one stars the late leslie cheung who plays a sociopath whose serial affairs hides a desperately lonely and nihilistic individual. his dalliance with a nightclub performer is the common thread that runs through the 2 movies. after leaving her to find his fortunes in the Philippines, she moves restlessly from one relationship to another looking for someone to replace her former lover.

she appears again in ‘2046’ a few years after his departure and eventual demise at the hands of gangsters in the Philippines. she bumps into another man who claims to know her in the past. she drinks herself into a stupor in the night and is murdered by a jealous boyfriend who finds out that she has been cheating on him. the story then shifts to the man from her past who resembles leslie’s character from the first movie albeit more compassionate and humane towards his conquests. he is a columnist who has fallen on hard times and now etches out a living writing erotica for the local newspaper. in between affairs he decides to try his hand at a sci-fi tale of people returning on a futuristic train from a place called ‘2046’. the train is manned by androids who resemble the people he interacts with in real life as well as women he has slept with.

the movie is peppered with references to his past movies and certain scenes even rehashes signature music from his previous outings. for instance there are 3 women sharing the same name in each of the movies in the above mentioned trilogy. the story lines are intentionally non-linear and intersect each other at crucial moments. a character who has died may turn up again at a later part of the movie throwing the audience a curve ball that they may not recover from. it is strictly make or break and some may be forgiven for scoffing at the movie and losing patience.

the only consistency is the breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and mood shots which says much more than what the script can. characters are often reflected on broken and dirtied mirrors. on many occasions half the screen is occupied by a blank wall and the remaining by the protagonists. the detailed settings, furnitures and ornaments are actors in their own right bringing to life a hong kong in the late ’60s. the camera has a tendency to linger on a wordless actor’s face for prolonged periods of time perhaps hoping to squeeze the humanity out of them. lighting is saturated and shadows are used for dramatic effect. believe me when i say that nothing will prepare you for a wong kar wai movie. in a world of big budget production trying to outdo each other with the number of explosions, car chases and mangled bodies, wong is a true maverick. putting list A asian actors and actresses into art house movies is his way of gently sabotaging the movie industry from within. he might not be a box office draw but his movies will stand the test of time and the fickleness of the human mind. he is truly an asian master and the world is richer for it.

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