How I disembowelled my soul mate and reanimated him.

Ok, have to admit that the title is totally to pull in the gullible amongst you. I have recently run into some small issues with my 18 month old iMac computer. It will randomly get stuck at the grey screen during startups. After some snooping around I discovered that Techtool Deluxe and Disk Utility both said that I had problems with volume structure (don’ ask me exactly what this means).

Like a food particle jammed tight between 2 teeth, I constantly had to lick at it hoping to dislogde it from my mind. A few suggestions from forums like and the apple support community later, I decided to do what the industry refers to as an ‘Archive and Install’.

If I am correct, what it does is basically store all the prefereneces, settings and network setup along with all the software that I have installed over the past months in a seperate folder before wiping clean the rest of the hard disk and reinstalling the Leopard OS.

In the time it took to get through Blonde Redhead’s album ’23’ on my iPod, the OS was reinstalled and ready to rumble. The first problem I encountered was my login password. It had been reset without any input from me. The next few minutes were spent frantically pulling out my iBook and getting into the apple support web page. Reset password using the install DVD. Is there nothing this innocuous looking circle of plastic can’t do?!

After nearly having a coronary, I got in and its as if nothing had happened. All my files were intact along with my desktop background and the partially downloaded torrent. The only thing is I had to get through 18 months worth of system upgrades. Surely a small price to pay for that food particle stuck between enamels?          


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