Sick puppy

sickpuppy My less-than-a-year-old puppy stopped eating 48 hours ago. And from past experience that’s always a bad sign.

I still remember a previous dog who fell ill and basically starved herself to death. The last few moments were the most painful. Between trying to syringe feed her, we had to endure watching her drag her emaciated body around the garden in an attempt to avoid us forcing food into her. The next morning we found her lifeless body on the driveway.

The whole of yesterday was spent anxiously watching her every move. She is a mad hatter of a dog and would normally jump up and down and every other way imaginable whenever she caught sight of us. Although she was still walking about, her usual bounce was conspicuously absent. Her eyes looked glassy and miserable. No amount of coaxing could make her eat.

A couple of days before we found a half mangled rat in the driveway and I am convinced that my puppy may have swallowed some bacteria or virus in the process of toying with the vermin.

Woke up early this morning just so I could put out food for her and lo and behold she started nibbling at it. She actually finished all the food and seemed more active after. She is still slow when she used to wolf down her food but it’s a start!


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