Bad Food

food_jakob_bad-3 If the food really sucks at an eaterie, would you go up to the counter and tell them at the end of the meal? My sister says that there are people who will do it and she tends to agree with them. She once complained that her food was too salty in a reputable restaurant and got a complimentary dessert for her efforts. Was justice served?

I was at a fast food joint yesterday and was in the process of ordering my coronary-baiting lunch. A man walks up and complained that the food was very different from when he had ordered it the last time. The manager pointed out the ingredients were exactly the same and has been for the longest time.

“It’s not good!” the customer protested.

“Are you sure you ordered the same item?” asked the manager, eyebrow raised.

A puzzled look sauntered across the man’s face which ended in an “Eureka” moment. He looked over to his friend and started explaining to the latter about the mistake he has made and what he should have actually ordered. He left the establishment not once looking back at the manager who was sporting a shit-eating grin. Guess who is eating a crow burger now?


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