Google Chrome – new kid on the browser block

I was so excited by the news of the Google browser that I specifically woke up early to download and install it this morning. So far I have not been disappointed although not being able to use it on chrome21my iMac sucks.

The widescreen approach is really refreshing even though I am used to my 20″ iMac. I am sure it will look gorgeous on it, provided the developers get around to patching the apple version together. Cannot wait for the day!

It actually made me fire up my WinXP desktop and let me just say that this has not happened for the longest time. All my regular and not so regular websites have worked so far but ironically gmail took ages to load. I guess thats Murphy’s Law at work. All in all an intersting addition to the browser wars. I am waiting to be blown away in the next few days as I explore the hell out of it.


One comment on “Google Chrome – new kid on the browser block

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