A death in the family – a father and son story

Being summoned by the cops to a mortuary to identify a dead body is never going to be a walk in the park. More so when the deceased is your son whom you have not seen for the past 10 years. A blank expression hung uncomfortably on his face. His eyes watered and turned red.

With clinical detachment, the doctor explained to him the cause of death, pointing out various blemishes and scars on cold dead skin. He nodded and asked a question in a quiet voice as if it was expected of him. Not doing so was tantamount to confessing to the crime of infanticide.

Yes he killed him. He killed him by not being there. By putting off picking up that phone. By always finding something else to do that was more important than looking him up. By pushing away his mother and breaking the family into pieces all those years ago. He killed his own son by closing the door to their house for the very last time 10 years ago.


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