Watershed by k. d. lang – A review

Up to now, there is only one kd lang song I know, “Constant Craving“. In a regretful short-circuiting of my usually spot on musical radar, she slipped away from my sphere of conscWatershediousness. On a whim, I picked up her new “Watershed” album and after a few listens, it clear blew my mind.

Possessed of a silky, perfectly toned voicebox, she makes amazing seem as easy as a walk in the park. Preen and pose as they may, those American Idol wanna-be’s will never come within the gravitational pull of the galaxy that is lang’s voice. Its pure singing, no less, no more.

For the calibre of song-writing that is evident on this collection, it comes as a surprise that she would confess to a decidedly difficult birthing process for them in recent interviews. Perhaps like Emmy Lou Harris who at 50 bloomed into a stunning and prolific writer of aural gems, lang is experiencing a similiar jolt to the creative juices. Lets hope she continues in this vein. The world can only stand to gain from it.


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