Effects of humans on the planet ushers in the new epoch “Anthropocene”

Major changes to the planet are underway even as we speak. And our role in the rape of this piece of rock we call home has made an indelible mark so much so that the scientists saw fit to name an epoch after the fact. “Anthropos” is greek for “man” but sadly “Anthropocene” is not coined in recognition of humanity or at least not in any positive light. Starting from the 19th century onwards man started to leave huge carbon footprints all over the place, violating nature like a cheap whore. How long before she fights back and kicks us in the teeth? Not long, thats for sure.

To end on a positive note, as Peter Schwartz pointed out in Wired, if we have created this mess we should also be smart enough to reverse the damage. The healing starts with you!


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