EVERNOTE invites available

12.jpg For those who don’t know Evernote is a web-based placeholder for that idea or pithy remark that pops up out of the blue uninvited and unexpected. Instead of writing it down on small pieces of paper or worse still on body parts, just type it down and zip it off to their server for later reference. The desktop application also comes with handy screen capturing capacity for that stunning website or image that you may come across during casual web-surfing. They are currently in beta and looking for testers. I have 10 invites. Just comment to this with your email and I will hook you up.


20 comments on “EVERNOTE invites available

  1. I look forward to using evernote. I already have a Jott account and will be able to feed my jott notes to evernote!

  2. Hi hellfried,

    I’ve recently discovered Evernote, and am dying to try it out. Do you still have any invites available?

    Great blog, btw!

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