A chilling recording of the Jonestown massacre


Above the screams of children who know no better, the confused chatter of brainwashed adults and fittingly new age muzak, Jim Jones chides and cajoles his flock to drink cyanide-laced grape juice in 1978.

Put this on your iPod if you dare and let the man who convinced close to one thousand human beings to end their lives and those of their children, get into your head. Not for the faint-hearted.


16 comments on “A chilling recording of the Jonestown massacre

  1. i canot beleive that he killed all of those people
    even though lots of them wanted to die but even iam
    only 11 years old even I wouldnt fall into a demand trap like that I think that is just wrong. Even though they say! that Jim Jones killed himself but I maen WHY HAVINT THEY FOUND THE BODY YET ? My dad told me that I would not go to some CHURCH! were there is a preacher that sounds HIGH. my father also said that even if they are playing some good old back gospel music I still wouldnt go i will never forget that.

  2. technically he did not kill those people. more like he coerced them to take their own lives and what is more amazing is the fact that these people then fed the poison to their kids. to me that’s even more sinister than his apparent power of suggestion.

  3. 30 years ago today a group of utopian-leaning individuals took the lives of their children and then their own at the behest of a twisted mind. may history never repeat itself.

  4. This man and his following of willing and unwilling victims stand as a reminder to us all of the dangers of not asking questions. When I hear people who speak with eloquence I find myself lulled as much as anyone, until I ask myself “Why?”. When I hear silver tongued politicians making promises that seem impossible, I ask, “How?” These poor dead people never asked the questions that would have cleared the mist away from their minds and exposed J. Jones as the evil man he was.

  5. what the hell where they thinking about by giving that bul **** i hate that man i don’t care if he killed his self he need to die. this world is crazy i hate it but i love my life and i wish those kids where here to love there

  6. Jim Jones didn’t only coerce the people into suicide I think there were also armed men.

    It was truly sad to see people forget about God and the Bible and start believing in a man!!! I just saw a documentary full of eyewitness accounts from former members.

    It blows the mind when you hear about all the evil things that were being said to the members and done to the members but the people stayed committed to their (lost) cause. One eyewitness said that Jim Jones told the people that they would no longer follow the Bible and he threw His Bible out into the church and the congregation was still. Later Jim Jones told the people he would be their god. There were reports of rape, physical, mental and sexual abuse, between adult members and Jim Jones. It was truly an evil organization. Those people were spiritually broken!

  7. For those of you who claim he didn’t kill anybody, do some research. He carefully organized this as a plan to kill everybody. It was a scheme he had organized for money. There were guards with guns surrounding the area. He killed reporters that came in to take away 15 people and save them.

  8. I don’t condone what Jim Jones did but if he was able to convince that amount of people to participate in a mass suicide at once? God, that man was smart. It’s not like some dumb, old, idiot could just do what he did. I hate that he even wanted to have control over a situation like that but seriously…he wasn’t stupid.

  9. MIND ALL YOU PEOPLE I DON’T WANT TO SEEM LIKE I ENJOY THA FACT THAT 909 PEOPLE DIED. I wish they were all still alive today, thank you very much.

  10. i became a mom at a young age and devoted the young age to my children i dont regret it one bit. i cried so hard when i heard the cries of helpless babies dwindle in the mist of sound as ignorant adults choose their destiny. how my breath was taken to here a child cry in helplessness makes me sick to my stomach. but again people perish for a lack of knowledge.

  11. I just hope he burn in hell , seriously,cause that was f***** up and i am not htinking twice about what i said like he really ned to burn in hell! he killed all those people he did and he brainwashed them to and god handling that situation right now,and he is burning faithfully in hell with his stupid ASS!

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