Panacea for the flu – Roots

After about 5 weeks, I am again in the throes of another bout with the flu and this time around to make things more colorful, I have an irritating hacking cough and a throat like sandpaper.

It leaves me with no option but to come to the conclusion that this year’s flu vaccine DOES NOT work. This is what I have resorted to.


Yes, roots. I have gone native. I am in the process of boiling the above concoction and will be downing the resultant “tea” in a very short while. Wish me luck people.


4 comments on “Panacea for the flu – Roots

  1. the flu vaccine did not work for me too. the doc said ..there are too many strains of flu bug and the vaccine i took did not protect me from whatever stain I had then .. i was like .. then whats the point of me taking the jap ? @#$@#@#R

    anyhow, i’ll be keen to know if the roots work for you. keep posting.

  2. well i am much better now. the cough has dwindled to a tolerable level and the throat feels less irritating. don’t know if its the roots or the vaccine reducing the duration of my suffering.

  3. here is an idea… you have a cold! not the flu. it is almost impossible to get the flu 5 weeks apart and if you’re getting severly ill (the flu makes you REALLY sick for several days. i tangled with h1n1 this year and had the seasonal flu in 2003. you’re in bed for most of a week and don’t feel right for another week.) on a regular basis you need to be evaluated. i am so sick of people saying they have the flu when they have a cold or that they have a migraine when they just have a headache. and the vaccination does work for almost all people unless there is something wrong with your immune system that causes you not to build antibodies… in that case you should get your self checked out but i’m betting you’re just fine and haven’t actuallu had the flu in several years. the problem is flu and cold symptoms sound exactly the same when described except the the flu almost always comes with a fever above 102 degrees farenhiet. 5% of seasonal flu cases occur without a fever.40% of 2009 h1n1 occur without a fever. colds typically do not cause much above 100 degrees. the roots are probably great and if you’re healthy and between 18 and 60 you can probably skip the flu vaccination.

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