Smoking = Death


Personally I find smoking a disgusting habit. It is a common sight to see a father puffing out a cloud of death around toddlers and babies with nary a thought for the effects of second hand smoke.

So what is the elected government doing about it? Not much according to a statement by no less than the UN.

In its first comprehensive report on tobacco use in 179 countries, the U.N.s health agency said governments around the world collect more than $200 billion in tobacco taxes every year but spend less than one-fifth of 1 percent of that revenue on tobacco control, it said.

Recently WHO launched its Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008 highlighting the infiltration of the scourge into the developing world. Download the full report here.


6 comments on “Smoking = Death

  1. So you personally find smoking a disgusting habit? There’s a simple solution to your problem: MIND YOUR OWN GODDAM BUSINESS.

  2. Your kind was nonexistent 20 years ago when everybody smoked and nobody cared. With the gummint behind you, you’re so brave as to insult and harass your fellow citizens over a wisp of smoke–for sport.

    That attitude is liable to backfire one of these days.

  3. OK , helfried

    Obviously u r not aware of the fact that everything you’ve ever heard about smoking is a bald faced lie perpetrated by international drug companies. They want to replace tobacco with a daily handful of prescription drugs at ten prices and profits that won’t fit on a calculator. It’s been proven that smelling smoke is harmless by the Congressional Research Service, OSHA and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory among many others.

  4. I was just glancing over this and I just wanted to say something. Yes, I am a smoker and as a citizen I have that right to or not. You have a choice to be or not to be around smokers. If someone came up to me and asked me if I would mind putting out my cig because they don’t like the smoke I would tell them to kiss my ass cause they don’t have to stand by me. Personally I believe that smoking can cause illness and death but that’s my choice to do so. I don’t tell people they shouldn’t eat greasy ass foods cause it too can kill or not to drive. There are all types of things people do that can easliy kill you. There are bigger things our there that need our attention than smoking. The only reason why people complain is becasuse they don’t have anything better to do. Smoking can kill, rock climbing can kill, plane crashes can kill, skydiving can kill, driving a car can kill, drinking can kill, fast food can kill, horse riding can kill, hell even going to war can kill but you know what that is our choice to do so. Everytime I get behind the wheel of a car there is a chance of me getting into an accident rather its my fault or not. Everybody knows that with anything you do there is a risk. Yes maybe some higher thab others but come on its everyday life. When I started smoking I knew that there would be risk that I would have to face but that is my personal choice!!! Let me be me!!! Don’t tell you how to livw your life so don’t tell me how to live mine!! As I stated before I do believe smoking can kill but so can anything else. Let it rest. Come on!!!

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