Is there life on Mars?

Like David Bowie all those years ago, the world is forced to ponder this question after NASA released this photo by their Mars Explorer Rover Spirit. A trick of the light or is someone out there?



141 comments on “Is there life on Mars?

  1. this photo could be edited to make the form look more humanoid; however, i am not entirely sure anyone can adequately debunk it.

  2. im a ufo searcher and i belive its a rock too becaue stuff like that is on earth…….but you never know. age.8 name.carlie

  3. well i doubt any lifeforms live on mars now but i bet they did millions of years ago. I think it’s stupid to think we are the only lifeforms out there anywhere. im anxious to see what that new telescope they sent up will find…

  4. we are really scared but is are there really aliens??? can you find some real proof and send it to me?????on that picture,is that an alien or is it fake??? plz send the answers on the following e mail and real pictures.

    thanks you

    • we think they are alien, and if they saw us we would be the aliens to them. I think there is life on mars, and cant wait to find out what it really is!!

    • I dont think it is true maybe a trick of light, or something you see on any hills but maybe it cud be true, it looks proper scary there though as if it could come and haunt you at night mwahahahhahah LOL

  5. i think it’s a coincidence that the rock looks like a person. it could also be photoshopped. it probably isn’t alien made.

  6. it looks like an alien! yeah! i knew it! they existed! yeah! it’s been walkin around to chill perhaps! i’m gonna beat the life out of him if it ever comes near earth! no no.. i’m just gonna say hi! maybe eating their limbs would makes me invincible! yeah.. i’ll eat dat damn thing! no no.. i’ll just.. err.. chill then. ^.^

      • dude, you can believe in Jesus and still think there’s life outside of our planet. stop being so close minded. Be open to new things. people who are close-minded sound ignorant and stubborn. how are you supposed to get people to listen to a word you say if you never look outside the box like everyone else? believe in peace.

    • can you please grow up? aliens are extremley real. thinking that we are the only people in the whole fucking universe is like saying that you are the only person on earth x100 the unuiverse is way buigger than you will ever understand open your crazy religous mind and think about it from a different point of view jackass

  7. there is no such thing as humans or martians on mars but scientists knew that there were water trees and life on mars!!!!!

  8. i worked for nasa for 30 years and seen some weird, unclassified images, but this is not a rock as some people are saying.
    nasa never published the rest of the images captured by the roid77(the 4-wheel robot device), this is only one of the pictures, we left the roid to stalk this object and within moments it disappeared!! experts say tht this was no rock and tht this lifeform went beyond his boundaries and kinda got lost. but this was swarn not to go public and was closed until further notice

      • Dude your retarded, you said whoever thinks it is a rock is dum thats like saying NASA is dum because they are the ones who confirmed that it was a rock with a tricky shading i don’t get why this page is still even up, this case is already over.

  9. i think that there is life on mars like human beings there r so many creatures that v can’t expect
    so v should not think like this that there is life on mars but it is true v have to expect

  10. its bullshit. not saying that life doesnt exist on other worlds, mars included. im just saying that if this was a true image, nasa would not have let this leak. the us government is too on point to let this type of image get out. there would only be 2 reasons a legit image of this nature would be leaked. 1. they were about to go public with knowledge. 2. IF it is real, it was purposely leaked to discredit any conspiracy theories. its like me giving u a purple orange and letting you tell the world, looking crazy. later on, telling the world i dyed it with food color.. or FOOL color. get it/ the only way u will know if its real or not is if that lil guy knocked on your door with a pack of photos he took that day. and we all know that aint happening. ask those roswell aliens about it

  11. Dear friends, I have discovered that we should never take the photos of Mars as they are. They must be turned. Having done that, I have discovered ants, and of course countless buildings. There are tiny ‘dots’, perhaps NASA touching up, of life forms. When you observe the photographs where the Rover is testing soil, you can see thousands of dots. visit my blog please

  12. This image is NOT of a person per se. It is am image of a statue, that is a carved item that is in the likeness of a humanoid type creature. However, allowing for distances, using the rover’s own mechanism measurements, the statue is less than 3 feet tall. This is a snippet taken from the NASA image catalogued as PIA10214.jpg. There are dozens of other “artifacts” in the full photograph including remains of other artificial items. Why would NASA allow this into the public? At the time the release rules were drafted, the ordinary public ability to magnify these high quality photos was practically non-existent. To find the real details required sophisticated equipment and a lot of photo analysis training. The first step for every amatuer is to find the wheel tracks. But don’t let those excite you too much, they are just those of the rover itself. Use them to help you gauge size and perspective.

  13. I don’t beleive tht this ‘nasa1234or, whatever ever worked for nasa. If he did and he was willing 2 let this much slip, then why not tell us about the rest of the pics

  14. douglot you dont no what youre talking about you no why because i read on planets that life does exist on mars they just havent looked hard a noth. theres ice at the north and south poles.o and how carved it dumm head. nasa 224576 is right

  15. dont u think if this was real it would have been all over the world news….

    this picture is so fake i cant believe how stupid some people are

  16. Dont u think if this was real it would have been all over world news? alien on mars….. what kind of freak would believe this.

    The government would have made sure this picture wasnt released if it was real

  17. loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i agree with redneck on this. cause they just took a pic of bigfoot from the web and made it look like there was life on mars.
    ( just go to google and type in bigfoot and youll see the the pics that look the same. )

  19. The government hides so much from us. im not saying this is real or fake. when i looked at this picture it made the hair on my neck stand up, it makes me wonder what the government is hiding from us? they have our constitution twisted up to where we dont have any rights anymore, if this were really a free nation we could walk into nasa or the pentagon and look up anything we want. what is it gonna hurt for us to know whats going on? why do we go to war and lose thousands of troops to protect rights we dont even have anymore? i want to know what happend at area 51. the strangest thing that i have ever seen was when a “plane” when down in mark twain national forest near eminence missouri and within an hour national guard, army troops and government officials were every where and no one heard a plane fly over or a crash but somthing did crashed in the woods, we wernt allowed to get near it they had road blocks set up on every road that led to the site, they brought 6 big trucks in with storage containers on them and had it cleaned in no time, the next day we rode our 4 wheelers out there and there was a 60×60 hole in the ground and the whole area was burned, not a scrap of metal or even a piece of glass was found …whats that sound like to you?

  20. I dont think their is life on mars, and if their is, then it would have to be very well adapted to a place with such a low atmosphere as mars…

  21. Well… i dont realy care if their is life on mars… and EEE, no offence but ur kinda taking it a bit nerdly 🙂 lol. luve u EEE, see u on saturday yh???

  22. If there was life on Mars, it wouldn’t live too long because there isn’t AIR on Mars, or WATER AND FOOD!!! What’s it going to eat? Rocks? That would be nasty! Speaking of food, I’m HUNGRY!!! My address is… The Great Face of Mars, MARS.

  23. Think all evidence of life on mars are evidence of ex-life there. No more life on Mars. All life forms could have been wiped out by some space object either striking it or devouring all life on the surface somehow. The dynos had it too tho human beings were just lucky. The picture could be just some artifact. Scary?

  24. It defitely appears to be a person, but let’s think of this. You mean to tell me after all these years of searching we can’t find life and then bam, this photo. It’s a rock, but that doesn’t mean there is life in the ever expanding universe. The probability that we are alone is almost impossible. We cannot be alone, there is too much space out there to say that. Perhaps this life is alot like our lives, and hasn’t yet reached into space. Perhaps they are sending signals in our directions and we haven’t received any. I cannot find the instance, but on one occassion SETI, as well as a Radio observatory in California received a 5-sec response, nothing could be verified. It was deemed a fluke. Perhaps someday we’ll met them, I just hope they are not horrified by us. Imagine meeting a civilization that has tried to destroy its fellow inhabitants trillions of times. A civilization that has many wonderful advances, spun off from weapons of war. How would you react to meeting this civilization? As Stephen Hawking recently said, perhaps meeting an alien race would spell doom, as Earthlings would use the technology to destroy and conquer them.


  26. After carefully examining a picture from the European Space Agency sent back by Mars Express, I found that there seems to be an strange long bodied animal as though it was running in fright. Its eye seen from our viewing side is visible. the animal was in the far background of the picture. Then on the right hand side of the picture seemed to be a hill slope covered with a “screen of something”, there were a few faces. One obvious one was the white face looking skyward and you can see “its” body partially hidden behind the screen. Futher to its right again there is a humanoid like head looking towards the left, very obvious. Further right again there are other facesas though peeping thro the screen. The picture/photo is the one taken of the Hale Crater.There probably is life on Mars if you look again at the photo of Hale crater lower areas.

  27. There is life on Mars! They’re artists! Really good artists who keep carving faces into rocks, and sculpting statues for people to scrutinize! (They love it when you think it is an alien, because that lets them know they’ve done a good job!)

    Real or not, this is pretty cool. Mars must have some weird erosion patterns.

    • I think there were some big bluffs going on for several years in one form or another. Because of these bluffs, there is a very strong possibility that there is life on Mars. Reasons: Images returned by ESA showed so much details of human-like faces in Cydonia and Hale regions. Some images of civilization were blotted/blurred out from these Mars Express pictures. Additionally, if you go and take a look at the second picture (colored one) taken by Viking Lander2, and expand the region of the horizon, you can see artificial structures/buildings. On Google earth, these were blotted out again. A careful look at one of the rocks shown in the colored image, located near the top of an imaginary center-line of the picture and next to the large bell-shaped rock, you can see 2 human-like beings in hats hiding behind the rock. They look small because they are further away from the camera. Google has also blotted the figures out. There is some kind of life we don’t understand living in Mars.

  28. I Think This Is A Water Creature;Like A Merimade Or Merman;Some Kind OF Aquatic Being 😉 Dhis Is So Freakn Kewlsss ILoveIhtt XD

  29. There are two pictures of the Hale Crater regions in the ESA website. Both of them showed faces. On one picture, the face looking skywards is either a monument or a living white animal (it is white looking because of fur or what) of some sort. The human head that is looking left of the picture could be a human, but because we cannot see its body or legs, it is hard to guess. As most pictures are only with their lower parts being seen, they probably have reptilian bodies as can be seen from the half bodied snapshots from the other picture quite clearly living in narrow cavities or caves. Take a careful look you could see a couple as though sitting and having conversation with one another. The civilization areas with buildings are covered up, so we are not sure if the pictures of faces are also faked by the space agency before releasing to the public.

  30. Sorry, I learned that this picture is faked and diffierent from the original. It has been doctored by jokers. However, this does not mean that life does not exist on Mars or outside our home planet, earth.

  31. Some points:
    notice the rocks surrounding this anomly. They are all smooth and look alike for the region.
    The contours match the other rocks but only at the base.
    Any old rock with an arm like protrusion would have been worn down over centuries by the martian weather.
    It looks more like a statue carved from the same colored rock.
    This immediately stands out-So why didn’t the geniuses at NASA send the rover take closer images for such a strange out of place formation? Where are the other images?
    One other possibility –crashed space probe or junk-.

  32. Hi I am called Lewis. I am 7 years old. Its quite weird for some randow reason. I am the smartest person in year 2. But Ithink that looks real for some random reason. Anyway what is the NASA. Please tell i’m a kid alright!

  33. wow you people are stupid that is a dam thing dont know what but it is something so i think we should send more robo’s to mars and find out what the hell is it

  34. this is probably not real because the government has spent so much time on mars and they have not found a single living cell. probes even took pictures of the whole planet!

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