Why Paul Potts will always kick Il Divo’s ass


I am cynical to a fault. Don’t ask me when I became like this. Perhaps I am surrounded by too much duplicity to actually believe in something pure and good. And that saddens me no end.

For the past 24 hours I can’t seem to stop thinking about this Youtube video.

The man is all wrong. He is the anti-christ of the fashion world. All those magazines say to you is how shit you look. But suddenly the shit opens its mouth and out pours this voice that fills all the shallow puddles with pure honey.

Not that I am an aficionado of operatic music but I have a sneaky suspicion that he may not even be anywhere near the top of the pile but his glory does not lie there. And thats the power of Paul Potts. He does not have to be the top opera singer to gain fame. He just has to be Paul Potts.

Paul Potts is a carphone salesman. He is also the overweight man with bad teeth who shuffled into an audition wearing a shabby coat, all nervous and looking as if he wished the earth would just swallow him up. He is the everyday man who sang with the voice of an angel and brought an audience of 2000 to its feet. Like me they knew they were witnessing the very embodiment of our collective secret desire; to be possessed of a talent so out of proportion to our physical appearance that it must be a divine joke.


Yes, Il Divo are very talented and they look great too. But they will never ever hold a candle to the flame that is Paul Potts. Why? Because he is the rest of us.


14 comments on “Why Paul Potts will always kick Il Divo’s ass

  1. You are full of bollocks and bullshit! Yes paul Potts has a wonderful voice but to say he will always kick Il Divo’s ass ….NEVER!
    IL DIVO don’t have to prove themselves to you or anybody else. They were already established in their own careers BEFORE they became IL DIVO. You do them a huge injustice.
    These guys have fantastic voices, and have had years of training behind them…..they’re NOT just pretty faces. Sebastien is self taught and has written songs for many years. Carlos has been singing opera since he was 9yrs old. David has a Masters in Opera and Urs has a reputation as well.
    IL DIVO have one of the largest fan-based groups in the world.
    Siempre has sold more than one million copies in the USA alone. ….

  2. I too watched Paul Potts and loved his voice, and correct me if I am wrong but didn’t it come out after he won Britain’s Got Talent that he had classical training, which would make your comment about him being “the rest of us” kind of silly. Plus the fact that he can and never will be in the same league as Il Divo,as their fans will tell you and their sold out concerts all over the world attest to…just my opinion…

  3. Paul Potts will never be any match to il divo, they have a greater fan base, fantastic album sales and brilliant concerts, no one will ever match these guys. Paul has a good voice, but no way is he better than Il Divo

  4. Your comparison is way too dramatic and you’ve missed the bigger picture. Until you’re capable, keep your 2 cents to yourself because they make no sense.

  5. a big welcome to all Il Divo fans! enjoy your stay here.

    yes the pretty boys have a bigger fanbase and astronomical album sales but thats precisely the point i am making. they did it because they are talented and nice to look at. in mr potts’ case, he looks like hell and still sold a sizable amount of albums. that is pretty amazing in a world obsessed with celebrities and their perfect skins.

  6. Pretty Boys!!! Are you ugly? Is that why you feel you have the right to slag others who aren’t. IL DIVO got where they are because they are talented ….no more no less. Masters degrees don’t get given to people because of the way they look. You don’t make a record at the age of Nine because you’re cute. Singers don’t buy your material because you’re handsome. And Paul Potts got where he is because of his talent to sing …..do you think they chose him because of his looks. You are a very shallow person…….I suppose you think Pavarotti got where he was because people liked his beard. How stupid can you be?

  7. I have to agree with Rose. I am a fan of Il Divo, but as any of my friends can tell you, I became a fan while sitting in a hospital. Didn’t know what they looked like, didn’t know their names were Urs, Seb, Carlos and David, and definately couldn’t tell them apart. I grew up in a classical music family and their music touched my soul, like much of classical music touches my soul. I absolutely love to hear Urs voice, and I get goose bumps everytime he sings. didn’t understand that, until I heard Urs sing an aria, and I melted. His voice touched deep within my soul. Pretty boys, yeah, I guess so, but give me the voice every time, looks come and go, but a good trained voice stays with us. It’s not the way people look that make them one of us, It’s how they respond to people. How they treat their fans, and how they are in everyday life. When someone who is famous can turn around and make you feel like you are the most important things to them, or even being so kind as picking up a baby’s hat and then talking to said baby, while never revealing who he is. What I can’t stand is when celebrities think they are above every one else. They need a large group to stay with them, because it is beneath them to even get a cup of coffee. Il Divo is not like that, They are humbled by their success and as David said, one time, they work hard for their fans and if people remain their fans, then they have done their job. This success was not given to them, the door was opened and they are the ones that had to walk thru it. Il Divo is not for everyone, but then, neither were the Beatles. We all have our own tastes and I feel we need to respect the tastes of others. I have certain issues about some of the top recording singers of today, and it isn’t positive, but I will not infringe on someone else’s enjoyment of those artists. There are enough people to go around for every artist. There are enough fans of Il Divo and enough for Mr. Potts and some may even like both. I will tell you why I did not buy Mr. Potts CD. They way he presented his music didn’t sing for me. I love music, I surround myself with music, I WANT to be moved by music and unfortunately, Mr Potts didn’t do it for me (Pavarotti didn’t touch me either, Domingo, yes, Pavarotti, no. Was Pavarotti a great singer, you bet, just not for me) So I will continue to be a huge fan of Il Divo and will enjoy their music, and Urs will continue to give me goosbumps. Enough said.

  8. By the way Hellfried, No one is ugly. They may not have the best features but its not the outside we should be worried about. Some of the most beautiful people I have ever met are not that attractive in the face, but they have something that definately puts a smile on my face when they walk into the room. I can think of one woman who, when she smiles, lights up the whole room, literally, and she would definately not be beautiful by the worlds standards, but she is by mine. And my standard is the only one which counts, for me. So I don’t accept the statement that you are ugly.

  9. what’s so special about us that il divo should hold a candle to us? i’m not saying paul potts isn’t talented but to say those things about il divo is just so wrong. we all have our talents, some greater than the others. il divo doesn’t lack talents so i think you should take back what you’ve said. show some respect. il divo didn’t get into this because of their looks but because of their singing talents. they were given the opportunity to better their talents by having training. is that wrong of them? what’s this? sour grapes?

  10. Paul Potts has a good voice, yes but there is no comparison to IL DIVO. Forget about their looks, listen to IL DIVO and then listen to Paul Potts, there is a huge difference there. I fell in love with IL DIVO’s voices first as I was in another part of my home when they came on television. I love all klnds of music from pop, jazz, country, R&B and so forth. There is no need to put down IL DIVO, they were famous long before Paul Potts was. They have extensive training, Master degrees in music, training with some of the most famous musician in the world. They are very talented and should be applauded for their wonderful accomplishments. Everyone should be respected and not put down for what they like and don’t like.

  11. how can you say that!! Il Divo are just the best. they have fantastic voices and their harmonies are just incredible. they are just perfection. I’m not saying that that Paul Potts is not good at singing but Il Divo are just perfect no matter what. they have everything from the voices to the fantastic good looks and anyway Paul Potts could not match up to the looks or voices of Il Divo. accept it Il Divo are way better.

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