Flu shot fails me miserably

coolclips_vc004795.jpgA fat lot of good the flu shot I had last week did me! My nasal passages are all stuffed up and I can’t smell nor taste a bloody thing. My nose feels as if its a size too big for my face and there is a constant dribble of goo running down my nostrils. My yearly flu attack is back with a vengeance.


6 comments on “Flu shot fails me miserably

  1. I had the flu jab back in october, but since then i have still some how managed to catch a bad cold/cough twice!

  2. one thing i have to say, the shots certainly makes my flu shorter. in the past i used to be down for at least 1 week for any flu attack. however since i started yearly shots my flu will only last for 2 days.

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