Chua Soi Lek’s favourite drink


An excerpt from the ex-Health Minster’s resignation speech :

Well, after I made the confession, I hoped Malaysians would be able to accept my apology. But unfortunately, based on the feedback that I have received, I observed that Malaysians were unable to do that. Some Malaysians can be said to be “holier than thou”. This means they are all ulama (religious teachers). So, I think if I continue to hold positions in the party or Government, this will be a burden to the Government and party, especially in the context of Islam Hadhari. And also in the context of what has been recommended by my president, which is healthy political culture.

Quick get me my Koran!


6 comments on “Chua Soi Lek’s favourite drink

  1. hundreds of malaysian sex clips n videos on the net.
    malaysians holier then thou? hmmmm.

    he’s human too, no?
    scandals happening everywhere nowadays.
    it just happens that he’s privacy got violated.


  2. Hi,
    Mmm… may be v should think wat Dr Chua bring to us since 2004… V cant deny tat Dr Chua is responsible to look after the healthy among malaysians… A fast n effective actions taken wen v faced some diseases… In short, v cant deny his HARD WORK TO CONTRIBUTE GOOD HEALTH TO MALAYSIANS.

    Sadly, in malaysia TODAY, especially in the field of politic, should knows “HEALTHY POLITICAL CULTURE”! No exception to Dr Chua!

    I juz shock heard the news… Really outstanding from his outlook… Really dissapointed… I think he should treat his family members well, especially his wife who still stand to support him… He should appreciate more after tis…

    I think v should now apologize his mistake as he giv out all his own positions. No matter he is regret anot… Everything is over now… Juz hope he take it as a MORAL LESSON… N do remember as a politician must healthy in all aspects…

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