The year that is 2007

The tail end of the year always feels a little strange to me. The evenings are extra dusky and the promise of something new and good on the horizon almost becomes tangible. Somewhere in there is the fear of having hope dashed to a million pieces. You can almost see it in the faces of strangers walking pass you who are most probably thinking, “This year is so bad that the new one can’t sink any lower. Or maybe it can……”

So how has my year been? It started off with a big move down to the big ‘durian’ that is Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of our young nation. Tragedy struck almost immediately with some nefarious being carting off my leather shoes in the dead of night. The side view mirror of my car got whacked. On a more personal front, my life was drastically re-wired by a new workplace. Like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs I treaded the boards the best I could. I am still alive aren’t I?

Did I grow as a person? I guess I did. Did I grow into a better person? Definitely debatable but I like to think so. I have more strands of white in my hair and I am almost sure that it in no way indicates wisdom.

To sum the year up in a single word – tentative.


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