Ecto – a Live Writer for the Mac

For the longest time now I have been looking for a Mac equivalent of the Microsoft-funded WIndows Live Writer. For the evil that is MS, the programmers that came up with the full-bodied offline blogpost editor deserves our undying admiration. Doesn’t hurt that it free.

Ecto may just do it for the Apple contingent. You may have to pay to register it but if the glowing reviews are anything to go by, it should be worth the money. This is written from Ecto and so far I am impressed. Lets hope, that like Live Writer it just gives and gives.


6 comments on “Ecto – a Live Writer for the Mac

  1. I agree. So far, Ecto is the best I’ve found for the Mac. But, unfortunately, coming from Windows Live Writer, it just feels like one shortcoming after another.

    How can Mac do everything better than the PC, except for blogging? Really, come on.

  2. Just wondering if ecto “did it” for you…I’m fairly new to macs and am extremely disappointed that there is no Live Writer equivalent for mac. It’s one of the few but important reasons why I still boot into windows daily…I’m guessing that since my google searches have landed me on this 2 year old post there is STILL nothing like Live Writer for mac but it can’t hurt to ask right?

  3. ecto was good the last i used it which was quite a few years ago now. however i thought live writer was better. i remember it as a free download but i think you now have to pay for it. its worth a try.

  4. I’m not crazy about LiveWriter, but as freeware or shareware, it beats Ecto hands down. Most blogware for Mac is about 5-10 years behind the PC side, but I will give Ecto credit for being ahead of the pack in that division… if one can actually get to fully automate post publishing, including all insertions of media (good luck).

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