Crime capital of the world – Bangsar

First my shoes were stolen. Bet you didn’t know that my replacement shoes were stolen again exactly 6 months after the first pair. It’s like this guy goes shoe shopping every half a year. A month ago a young lady who was most likely walking back from work had her bag snatched by 2 guys on a motorcycle. As far as I know she was not seriously harmed. A few weeks later my house mate was walking back to her car after dinner with her brother. As they got into the car they spotted a group of guys with sticks approaching. One of them raised his stick to smash the passenger window but her brother stepped on the gas just in the nick of time and sped away.

After getting into the house yesterday evening, I was in the toilet when I heard a woman screaming from the road outside. Seconds later there was a loud bang in front of our house. When I looked out the window, my gate was no longer standing but instead was leaning against the bonnet of a car which had rammed into it! Before I could unlock the door to go out and have a good look, the car reversed and sped away. I had no luck with the number plates. I was left standing dumbfounded over my fallen metal gate on the road.

After a few frantic phone calls I managed to get through to our contractor who was out drinking with friends. He promised to come over after his alcoholic indulgence. Hours later he turned up with 3 other guys and together they lifted the gate and leaned against the wall outside. It was a surprise to me that they were sober enought to do it. There was nothing to be done at that time of the day and they left. We went to bed without a gate for the night.

An elderly couple turns up at our doorstep the next day and offered to pay for the damages. A clearly distraught lady with absolutely no trace of jewelery on her, dabbed at her watery eyes. The lady told us that 2 guys on a motorcycle had smashed her car window with a rock and grabbed all her stuff off of her neck and wrist. She panicked and drove straight into our gate. She sped away, fearing that the assailants would come back for more.

It was big of them to offer and I wish them the best of luck. 24 hours later after the loud bang in front of my house, my gate is back where it should be albeit more wobbly than its former self. There is a crime wave in our neighborhood. What are the authorities doing about it? Zilch, from what I can gather.

Bangsar is a suburb just outside the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.


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