How it feels to die

Ok, this is just plain sick but as with the rest of the human race, I tend to slow down to watch a car crash. In the spirit of the entire race I give you the top 10 death experiences in all its glorious details.


2 comments on “How it feels to die

  1. No. 11:
    Every monday morning, thinking about going to work.

    I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a loonngg time:
    What’s so interesting about a road accident? EVERYONE slows down. It’s so #%$@*!!

  2. life is like a string of pearls. unfortunately the so-called ‘pearls’ are a series of mundane details and mind-numbing, repetitive non-events. so when you see a train wreck or a horrific car accident, your mind jumps at the unexpectedness of it and latches on to it like a titanic survivor at sea to an inflated rubber ring. hope that explains it!

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