How much is Radiohead’s new album worth?

And you thought ‘Kid A’ was weird. After turning everyone’s expectations inside-out, Radiohead has slowly but surely pushed the boundaries of what a world famous band can and cannot do. Each time a new album is announced everyone held their breathe in unison, hoping for the guitar power chord to make an appearance only to be greeted by some squiggly synth passages and electronic blips.

Upping the ante, Thom Yorke and company have opted to let fans decide on the price of their new album due out on the 10th of October. Yes thats right. You decide what you pay. They have turned capitalism on its head and all Thom Yorke can think to do is ride his bicycle round and round. What a dude!


Update – for an insightful look at the demise of the album format look here. More details regarding ‘In Rainbows’.


3 comments on “How much is Radiohead’s new album worth?

  1. i certainly never thought about it in quite the way that u have put it. i have always been an album kind of guy. whenever i hear a song that i like i always want to check out the whole album to see if there are other stuff that i like from the band.
    even though i have stopped buying cds for the past 4 years, i still download albums or should i say a collection of songs from the same creative effort by a particular band in a specific time frame. thats a mouthful.
    anyways u may have something there and i agree that the cd is going the way of the dodo bird.

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