Heroes – Season 2 premiere


Spoiler alert : do not read if you have not watched the episode yet. No whining will be entertained!This is written for those who are in a rush and did not catch the show but yet feel a need to keep up appearances around the coffee machine. For more background info go here.heroeschat.jpgThe shocker? Nobody is dead (although we have to wait for Micah, DL, Niki and Sylar to actually make an appearance to confirm this). At the start of the 1st episode in this new season we see a collage of scenes that are due to happen and everyone is in one piece.When Matt Parkman makes an appearance, my heart cheered. Taking 4 bullets in the chest certainly did him no harm. In fact he looks fleshier around the face compared to the last season. He is promoted to detective and we find out that he is now divorced. I guess a lot can happen in 4 months. We are not told why especially with a baby on the way but time will tell. He has shacked up with Suresh and Molly, the little girl who can spot ‘heroes’ miles away. 2 men and a baby?Nathan is now a bum and sporting an unruly beard. His mum is still on his case about giving up his presidential aspirations but not for long. She receives a death threat from the company. Hiro is still stuck in ancient Japan where he meets up with his childhood hero who turns out to be a disappointment. Ando and Hiro’s father pines for him in New York. The latter is killed off at the end of the episode. Goodbye Mr. Sulu.Claire, HornRimmedGlasses (HRG) and family have relocated and our indestructible cheer leader is finding it hard adjusting to her new high school environment. She meets up with a potential love interest who underneath the goofy kid facade hides a gravity defying talent. Possible link to Nathan? HRG is not doing any better trying to downplay his shadowy past in a dead-end job at a photo-copying outlet.The most heart-stopping scene has got to be finding Peter trapped in a cargo container in a port in Ireland. He appears deranged and possibly amnesiac. Thankfully someone has lopped off his irritating emo hair fringe. Suresh is gallivanting around the globe trying to rouse interest in his fight to bring down the company via lectures. At least that’s what he lets on. At the end we realize that it is all a ruse by HRG for them to infiltrate the dark ranks of the COMPANY……….

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7 comments on “Heroes – Season 2 premiere

  1. I’m just hoping this season is starting a little slow like the first – cause I was surprisingly bored until the appearance of Peter…

  2. well that’s the general feeling of almost all who watched the episode. lets hope the series does not go the way of MY NAME IS EARL which just sort of lost the plot in the 2nd season

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