Dexter – Leaked 2nd season premiere

dexter_cast.jpgI did a terrible thing last night. The gates of Hell must surely be awaiting me by now. I saw something that I should not have and now I hang my head in shame. Yes, I watched the 2nd season premiere of my favourite TV show (after ‘the Sopranos‘ that is) even before it is officially aired on the 30th of September. Curse the internet and its sinful efficiency.

Besides ‘Heroes‘, ‘Dexter‘ has got to be one of most anticipated returning series of the season. Poking around the less well lit alleys of the internet I stumbled upon an episode of Dexter which had the word ‘Pre-air’ and ‘Season 2’ attached to it. In a heart beat I was on to it. After a short while the file was residing on my hard drive.

Opening it up, the familiar strains of the opening music floated towards me followed by the familiar slap of Dexter’s hand on his fore-arm where a blood-sucking mosquito was squashed in mid-suck. Its real and its now!

The action resumes about a month after Dexter had executed his own brother in the explosive season 1 finale. The ever-suspicious Doakes is tailing him wherever he goes, in hope of catching Dex
ter at his game. This means that Dexter has to severely curtail his urges. When he finally gets a break from Doakes, he discovers that he has lost his mojo.

While getting into position to snuff his latest victim who is blind, he takes pity on the latter’s handicap and lets him go. This is earth-shattering for Dexter who has until now used his clinical detachment as a calling card. His life starts to unravel around him.

Not only does he have to contend with his foster-sister moving into his apartment, his girl friend Rita begins to suspect that Dexter might not be telling her everything. Some weekend treasure hunters accidentally discovers Dexter’s favourite body-dumping grounds on the seabed off the coast of Miami and the cops are called in. The camera shot of the numerous black body bags dotting the watery grave yard must surely be TV’s eeriest imagery. The police department is all abuzz about a new serial killer so soon after the Ice Truck Killer.

Hoping to redeem himself, Dexter tries again only to miscalculate the brute strength of his latest victim, a muscle-bound street gangster, who escapes right from under his plunging knife. The downward spiral spins ever faster.

With such an opening, to hell with Hell! I am game!


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