Good to be bad

It was just idle chit-chat, insubstantial pleasantries to make up for those uncomfortable silences between mere acquaintances. We were talking about male hair-dressers and how you can spot one a mile away with their limp-wristed gestures, slinky bodies and multi-hued hairdo’s.

“You have to accept the fact that while politically incorrect, stereotyping works,” I submitted to my colleague.

“I disagree. Looking at me would you guess that I have streak of bad-girl in me?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye and a knowing smile.

The way she said it, you could sense that she was actually proud to have a naughty side, no matter how self-deluded. Exactly when did bad become the new good?

Perhaps as with all things, it started at the movies. For a too long now, Hollywood’s dream  machine has been spewing out a long line of protagonists who are as far from being upstanding citizens as can be. Instead of characters steadfast in their quest to strengthen the moral fiber of society for the greater good, we have scoundrels, con artistes, hookers, bandits, murderesses, deserters, blood-sucking vampires, assassins and megalomaniacs with their always diabolical plans for world domination. Some get their due comeuppance in the end but more often then not, they are left to their own devices and lead long but not necessarily healthy lives.

Compare the demur housewife in a floral dress to the leather-booted harlot with big hair. The choice for cultural icon is obvious.

Good girls go to heaven

Bad girls go everywhere


One comment on “Good to be bad

  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Rather discriminating, don’t you think ? Sadly, we live in a materialistic world. You need to style up to your profession.

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