Harry Potter and the deadly price war

What a farce! Woke up this morning to the news that the much anticipated final book in the Harry Potter series will not be on sale after all in the outlets of the local major book franchises of MPH, Popular, Times and Harris. The reason is purely monetary. Putting aside their rivalry for once, they have banded together against hypermarkets Tesco and Carrefour, who decided to cash in on the Potter madness by slashing the price of the book by half at their respective outlets.

This begs the question; how much does it really cost to glue together a whole bunch of paper, some cardboard and then to print some ink on the resultant product? Probably a lot less than the asking price of what stands as the final book. Sure J K Rowling has to be paid and so do her editor and publisher. The guys manning the printing machines have to feed their families. Even then I find the price exorbitant and where the hell is the paper back edition? Why do you think the soft cover versions of most books usually takes about a year to appear after their hard cover counterparts?

For once let the common man (or children) enjoy some relief from the shearing heat of greed emanating from the corporate ivory towers. More power to the hypermarkets!


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