The kidney – Nature’s iPod

This is a dialysis machine.

COBE Prisma Hemodialysis Dialysis Machine for sale

It stands about a meter and a half tall and is real heavy. It is clunky and unwieldy. Through a series of tubes, knobs and filters, it is meant to replace the function of the human kidney. It is the standard of care for people who have lost their own ability to rid their bodies of all the gunk that inherently accumulates in the process of living.

This is the kidney. An organ tucked neatly away in an unobtrusive corner of the human abdomen. There should be 2 of them in any normal person. Each one is slightly bigger than the size of the clenched fist. 190 liters of blood passes through the 2 of them every day for cleansing purposes. It is to the dialysis machine what the iPod is to the home stereo system.


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