How Frank’s Pizza got into the iPhone ads.

iphone.jpgOk this has been bugging me for the past few days. Where is Frank’s pizza and who manages it? More importantly how the hell did they get into the ad campaign of the coolest gadget on the planet?

Start dream sequence

During one of his extended lunch breaks, Steve Jobs was suddenly attacked by a strange and undeniable craving for pizza. Having wandered into an unfamiliar neighborhood, he looks up at the jungle of billboards and signs hoping to catch an establishment serving his dream food. FRANK’S PIZZA, a neon sign blinked rhythmically on and off above a nondescript hole-in-the-wall kind of eatery. It was a far cry from the caviar- and-bottled-water restaurants that as a billionaire he was ordained to frequent, but those little devils scampering in his stomach was not about to be denied. Pulling his cap lower to partially to obscure his face he plunged into the place.

The smell of stale lard and burning animals assaulted his nose. He slipped into a stall in a darkened corner of the place.
“What would it be for you?” a lady who looked as if she wished she was some place else appeared beside him.

“Give me the special of the day with extra cheese……..please,” he added as an afterthought.
Minutes later he was facing down a pizza approximately the size of a steering wheel. Bits of unidentifiable meat, vegetables and cheese mingled on the burnt surface of the dough like an English tea party on a parched piece of land. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a gatecrasher at the party. A very desiccated fly was lying belly up in amongst the merriment. He signaled for the waitress.

“There is a fly in my pizza,” he said barely able to contain his anger. She leaned down and flicked the offending agent off his food.

“That’s 20% off your bill, baby,” she smiles coquettishly at him.

“I want to see your manager,” he said indignantly.

“That be me,” she shot back, her voice tightening all of a sudden.

“What kind of business are you running here? Where I work, this is intolerable!” he said.

“Where do you work, sunshine,” she replied in defiance.

“Some place……big,” he replied in a small voice.

“As big as your ego?”

He was nonplussed but slowly and surely falling in love with this modern day shrew.

“Is there a Frank?” he asked blushing.

“That be my late husband number 3, why?” she asked.

“I am going to make you an offer you can’t refuse,” he grinned.

End dream sequence


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