First impressions of Flock 0.9

Remember your first encounter with tabbed browsing in firefox? Remember the rush you felt after the dark ages of Microsoft’s clunky and monotonous Internet Explorer? It was a concept so simple that the collective masses went ‘Now why didn’t I think about it?’

With the explosion in blogging and online social networking, it was only time before someone chanced upon the idea of combining all the required elements to indulge the savvy netizen’s tastes into a web browser. Sure you can OD on the amount of firefox add-on’s that will give you blogging capabilities and buttons to submit anything that catches your fancy to the consumer-driven-news website of your choice. Well, it just got better.

Flock is a modern web browser, news feed reader and blog editor all rolled into one. These are only the few functions that I have discovered. Looking at the ‘My World’ page that pops up by default every time you fire up the browser, I have a feeling that in the next few days I will continue to find new uses for it. For now there is the Media Bar which pulls media streams from my favorite picture collection on flickr.


To add to the eye candy, the browser’s icons are a site to behold, cute without being too saccharine.


I remember years ago when I donwloaded an older version of Flock on a whim. It was underwhelming at its best and had nothing that firefox couldn’t do. Now it finally looks like it means business and the new kid is all ready to kick the fox’s behind.


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