In case of stress….

Its been a real stressful week at work. The atmosphere was very similar to what I imagine the inside of a pressure cooker to be. More than a few times I caught myself vehemently throwing down stuff onto the table or any surfaces that was close by. One of my colleagues picked up on this and reminded me that the weekend was coming up and I should just cool my jets. Bless her. Seeing that I seem to have trouble coping with stress, I have decided to come up with another list of do’s and don’t’s pertaining to it.

In case of stress :

1. Think about big, expansive spaces ie the Mojave Desert

2. Let the image of your household pet scamper into your head

3. Eat chocolate. The more you eat, the faster the drop in stress level.

4. Think back to your college days and how setting fire to your fart seemed like a great idea at the time.

5. Listen to your favorite piece of music. Avoid Heavy Metal though.

6. Walk away from the source of irritation and mumble under your breathe.

7. Watch this video over and over again.

8. Do not rough up the people around you. Bad work place ethics.

9. Do not flush your head in the office toilet. You’ll drip all over the wall-to-wall carpet.

10. Ask someone to remove all sharp and shiny objects away from your arm’s reach.

If only one death in the whole wide world was prevented by following this list, I would consider my work done.


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