Freaky coincidence?

I am throwing this one out there because I am hoping for some answers. People who happen to come across this post by happenstance, please enlighten me.

Since my teenage years I have personally experienced strange instances where I find myself in the midst of some action or bodily movement only to have a sound from an unrelated source play over it at the precise same moment. A vivid example of this was when I was sitting in the school bus. It was early in the morning and I was yawning. As I opened my mouth, the sound of a car horn pierced the air. For a split second there I thought I was emitting the sound! I think its funny now but it was very disconcerting at that time. It was like I have stepped into the twilight zone where human voice is replaced by mechanical sounds.

A more recent example would be when I was about to turn on the lights. My finger was on the switch and at the precise moment when I  flicked it on, a car screeches outside. There are many other instances. I do not know the significance of it nor if it does have any. Is there a name for this phenomenon? Am I reading too much into it? Mere coincidence? You tell me.


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