Thoughts on “The Sopranos” finale

Anti-climax of the decade or genius ending? For the next few months fans of “The Sopranos” will be arguing over the baffling ending of one of the greatest TV show in history. In typical contrary Chase style the series finale ended in a black screen. Moments before, Anthony Soprano and family had gathered in a deli for what is ostensibly their last meal together. The first to arrive is Anthony. He sits at a table and rifles through the songs on a tabletop jukebox. His wife arrives and they order. His son AJ joins them. Outside his daughter Meadow gets into a spot of bother when she tries to parallel park in a tight space. After trying for a good while, she manages and skips into the eatery to meet her family. In between we see a shifty looking guy stealing glances at the family. He gets up and walks pass the Sopranos, heading towards the washroom. Seconds later everything blacks out and the credits roll. Notably, there is complete silence where the show has always ended with some music whether it be an operatic piece, a pop/rock song, a 70’s hit etc. Anything but silence.

Checking out the forums, theories abound as to what actually happens to Anthony. Some lauded it, saying that the black screen is Anthony’s point of view at the precise moment when he gets shot and dies while others fidgeted frantically with their cable connection thinking that it has “crapped out”. The thought of the perfect ending for the main character must have weighed heavily on David Chase who rightfully, as the creator of the show, wrote and directed the finale. In the end he copped out and left it hanging and it may well be the best thing for the character. Anthony Soprano had become too big for the show. Over the years he had become the id of American culture. So how do you kill an inseparable part of the soul? You don’t. You let it exist forever in the imagination, where it thrives.

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