A play

Went for a play in the Sydney Opera House this afternoon. The play “Holding The Man” was basically about 2 gay men who go through the usual stuff of meeting up, coming to terms with their sexuality, the disapproval of family and friends, contracting HIV, guilt and then death. Not a barrel of laughs but they did incorporate some humor in certain parts. The thing was quite predictable but still quite refreshing in its own charming way. The language can get coarse and there were a lot of onstage french-kissing between people of the same sex. There goes the hopes of the actors ever getting to stage their play in good old Malaysia!

It was surprising the number of people who came for the show at 1pm on a working day. It was mainly an older crowd but still a lot of thirtysomethings including moi. Sitting right beside me was a Singaporean who is working in Sydney. We had a good chat before the show. He was telling me that this play was quite hot when it first premiered in Sydney and how he could not get tickets earlier on. Well I had absolutely no problems buying my ticket on the spot this morning.

Took a 35 minute walk to the hotel after the show and am just amazed at how things are all connected in this city. The walk took me through well manicured lawns of public parks and beautiful old churches. The weather was great and the walk did not even register in my legs. Usually I would be beat after 15 minutes of walking under the hot sun in Malaysia. Being cut in half by the Equator really makes a huge difference.

Will be flying home tomorrow afternoon. Will miss this place but I can’t wait to get back to my Hainan Chicken Rice!


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