The modern day horror that IE 6.0

Ok its official; Internet Explorer 6.0 sucks bug time when compared to any version of Firefox. When I paid for my one-hour internet access just now, I asked if they have Firefox installed. The Taiwanese lady looked at me as if I was growing horns and smiled sheepishly all the while pointing to the IE icon on her decidedly WinXP desktop.  Shrugging my shoulders I soldiered on. I mean how bad can it be?

Its the embodiment of hell on earth. Admittedly I have not used for IE since time immemorial but it did not prepare me for how bad it can get. It was sloth like in its pace and clunky getting to the wordpress online editor. I may be this particular internet cafe but hey they are only providing the access. Scrolling down Google reader was like being dipped in molasses. In retrospect I did use IE for some time when I was first indoctrinated into the ways of the web but after I discovered FirefoxI just never went back. Now I know why. I have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to try IE 7.0. Period. 


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