Internet access at last! Wow I had to go cold turkey for the past few days. I am now at an internet cafe in Sydney. How cool is that?!

Its been a hectic past few days, not to say anything about the stupid cold that I have battling even before I landed here. Its now reduced to an irritating dry cough which can get bad at night and leaves me with fitful sleep and a mild headache in the morning.

Well official business is over and I am free to roam the streets of Sydney. It was extremely hard to concentrate on the speaker during the conference with a view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge right outside the window taunting you. I and a couple of friends practically burst out of the hotel’s front door when the meeting was wrapped up.

The weather is lovely here although when we were at the wharf, the wind blowing in had a bite to it. We just basically just strolled along Circular Quay, pass the Harbor Bridge and the fabulous Opera House. Took some photos but unfortunately did not bring my cable for connecting to any pc. Must remember to upload them when I get home.

Moved out of the hotel this morning to another cheaper place seeing that my stay is only sponsored for 2 days. I am now officially emancipated from THE MAN! Yes! Was expecting a youth hostel environment but was pleasantly surprised just now. It is clinical and not very cozy but that’s the way I like it. Even comes with a microwave oven for all the TV dinners that I am going to eat. For me this is a first. A bit more space would have been great but for the price; can’t complaint.

Will update whenever I can. Until then I am going roaming!


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