Somewhere down under

The Chinese have a phrase for taking a journey to foreign lands. “Chu men” literally means ‘go out the door’. The door refers to the familiar one at home which shields you from the strange and big world outside. In ancient China scholars leave home to travel great distances to sit for imperial examinations. They set off on foot and occasionally on horseback over harsh terrains. Along the way adventures abound. Strange creatures leap out from every corner to sway the scholars from their determined path. Only the steadfast would survive the ordeal while others lay waste on the side.

My mother used that phrase on me yesterday seeing that I would be traveling down under for the very first time. I thought it was quaint in the age of air travel. Yes I will be flying to Sydney tomorrow morning for a business trip. Should be interesting seeing that this would be my first foray into the land ‘where women glow and men plunder’.


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