Soul boost

Someone commented  this morning that my whiny little self can probably survive anywhere. This is as far removed as can be from my opinion of me. I have never been much of a survivor and would probably end up being the first one on the plane home should I take part in “The Amazing Race” in an alternate reality. I whine and complain a lot by any standards, so much so that I sometimes get irritated with me (how many reference to self is that?).

Sitting back and thinking about it, I realize that I do withstand a lot of crap. I am quite capable of gritting my teeth and digging deeper into the trenches. I can take a lot of abuse but of course if you lend me an ear, I can complain till the cows come home. I guess that’s one way that I cope with shit. To all my friends and colleagues out there; the next time you feel like bludgeoning me to death when I go on and on, cut me some slack, ok?


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